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First you need to download the source package from Sourceforge, unzip it, and put it in a convenient folder. At the top level, you will see three folders. One folder, Databases, contains all of the configurable resources for the tutor (except the app.config), including the LSA space (semantic space), the rules for the speech act classifier, the Prolog script for the dialogue manager, and the rule file for the Brill tagger. A seond folder, called Log Files, contains the log files for the sessions that take place in XML format. More on that format later. Finally, the third folder contains all the source for the GnuTutor.

The app.config file tells GnuTutor where to find the folders above. You'll need to change the values to match your environment. Most likely this involves changing only these two lines

<add key="DatabasePath" value="C:\VAULT\gnututor\code\release\gnututor_0.1\Databases\" />

    <add key="LogPath" value="C:\VAULT\gnututor\code\release\gnututor_0.1\LogFiles\" />

to the correct path of the Databases and LogFiles folders.

Next you will need to install some of the agent libraries/executables depending on what agent you want to use. If you are on windows, install the Haptek Player

This should solve any broken dependencies. Or you could just remove them and rebuild.

If you are on Linux/Mac, you definitely need to remove a lot of the agent lines from the interface. When I have a linux agent that I like, as oppose to tolerate, I'll set up an alternative build for it.

It is possible to go to the GnuTutor/bin/Debug folder, run the executable there, and run GnuTutor. However, it is more likely that you will want to run it in Visual Studio in Debug mode if you want to understand what's going on in more detail. Visual Studio C# Express can be freely downloaded from Microsoft. Alternatively, you can download MonoDevelop for Linux/Mac or SharpDevelop for Windows. You can install one of these programs, double click on the Solution file in the GnuTutor source directory (*.sln), and run GnuTutor by pressing either F5 or the "Play" button (shaped like the play button on you VCR).

Finally, due to my unfortunate oversight, there is a typo in this first release in the file in the Databases directory. You can fix this by making sure that the license statement at the top of the file has percent signs on the last two lines, or alternatively, you can look at the release notes for this release on the Sourceforge download page, which contains a corrected version of the file in the change log. You can copy/paste the correct version into the current file.